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新加坡ag8会展团体创立于 1978 年,是一间 PCO( 专业集会组办机构 ) 和 DMC( 目标地办理公司 ) 性子的公司,专注于集会筹划构造,会展旅游,企业运动的筹划及布置。公司作为新加坡会展协会(SACEOS)和新加坡天下游览社协会的成员,随着新加坡 30 年会展业的开展而不停强大,现在已占据新加坡会展办事市场的70% 和 旅游市场份额的 60% ,是名副实在的新加坡会展办事的向导者和主导者。团体在中国香港,台湾,上海,北京,广州和成都,以及日本,德国,澳大利亚,新西兰,泰国设有分公司和服务处。

Singapore Orient Exhibition was founded in 1978, belong PCO (professional conference organizers) and DMC (destination management company), focusing on conference planning, exhibition tourism, corporate activities, planning and arrangements. Company as a member of the Singapore Convention and Exhibition Association (SACEOS) and the Singapore National Travel Service Association, has grown with the development of Singapore's 30-year exhibition industry and currently occupies 70% of the Singapore exhibition services market and 60% of the tourism market share. The leader of Singapore Exhibition Services. The Group has branches and offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, as well as Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

新加坡ag8会展办事团体成都分公司自 2008 年正式进驻成都以来, 已先后与国际外浩繁着名主包办单元互助,乐成完成了很多大型国际集会的构造和展览的欢迎办事事情,ag8多年积聚的专业办事履历,为主包办单元提供了一整套国际化高程度的欢迎及会务布置办理方案,让展商、专业买家和参会者失掉了较为完善的参会体验,使他们在评价所到场的展览或集会运动时由于优美的参会体验而为到场的运动加分,从而为主包办方的下次市场开辟打下坚固的底子。

Since its official presence in Chengdu in 2008, the company has successfully cooperated with many well-known contractors to complete the reception and service of many large international conference at home and abroad. Our company has accumulated for many years of the professional services experience. Providing a set of international high level of hospitality and business arrangements for the program, so that exhibitors, professional buyers and participants get perfect experience, so that they participate in the assessment Of the exhibition or the event because of the good experience of participating participants to participate in the activities of extra points, so as to the main organizers of the next market development and lay a solid foundation.



30 years of large-scale conference and exhibition, business study, event management, incentive travel experience


For exhibitions and conferences provide publicity, visit and reception services


International and high level of reception and business arrangements to resolve


Exhibition and forum secretary and designated service


Professional conference organization and conference reception service


City cost-effective and local implementation


High quality management service staff